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11/20/10 No more news to report. Comics will be coming along next week. Site traffic is picking up.

9/23/10 Busy with schoolwork. Will try to have some comics up within the next week.

8/22/10 My LEGO collection is nearing it’s final resting place here. Very soon!

8/10/10 My new computer is up and running and my job for the summer is over this week. I guarantee new comics will go up either Saturday or Sunday. Look out for them! Expect even more comics to go up as I get situated back at my university.

7/14/10 My summer job sucks the life force right out of me…My laptop still isn’t working either. Comics will be going up slowly. Also I can’t access the fan page for some reason. How queer.

6/2/10 Nothing much to report! My laptop is still dead (my cd/dvd drive isn’t working so it can’t read the repair disk) but I think I can get it back up sooner or later. Comics will continue to go up like clockwork!

5/21/10 You may have noticed that it has been four days since comics went up…There are reasons for that. I had a cyst removed and that required surgery. Also my laptop is dead and I am awaiting the arrival of a Windows repair disk, meaning I can’t upload anything onto my computer where I stored all the future comics. Yes, I shoot the comics in advance and then put them up. However with ‘operating system not found’ this is quite hard to do. I’m writing this from someone’s borrowed laptop. I hope that my login info isn’t stolen >.<

Here’s to better health!

5/9/10 Expect comics either today or tomorrow. I should be in a better position then.

4/26/10 The next two weeks or so the rate at which the comics go up are going to grow a bit static as I have finals to contend with and many many papers to write. I still have at least 30 or so written down but not created yet so there will be a large influx soon. I also recently purchased 7536 The Battle of Alamut, the largest Prince of Persia set available which included 8 minifigures and a camel! I’m excited to introduce these characters to you quickly. Sadly, one of them is the Prince of Persia himself again (blech, I have 3 now.)

4/10/10  I’ve been sick for a few days so the comics have been a little slow in coming but I have quite a few ideas written down, including a long line of surprises. Stay tuned.

4/5/10 I’m back from Easter celebration and I’m done with a few tests so expect a few new comics up this week.

3/28/10 Expect new characters to join the funnies on Another Brick as LEGO releases its new Prince of Persia line. As well as introducing two new animals, there are also loads of new headgear and completely unique minifigures. My only complaint is that I have no Jake Gyllenhal jokes to throw out there. What a shame.

3/18/10 The site’s traffic has dwindled down from a record breaking 500 down to about 50+ people a day, most of which are directed from places around the web that are unrelated from me (, eurobricks). This indicates people who follow the blog which are always a big encouragement to me. Always expect more comics!

3/17/10 The site now has its own Gravatar, or so I am told it is called. Also there is now a Fan Page on Facebook! Click on ‘Become A Fan’ at the top of the page to have news updates from Another Brick In The Wall (Ein Kleiner Witz) appear in your News Feed! The link to the fan page is below.!/pages/Another-Brick-In-The-Wall-Ein-Kleiner-Witz/375470832697

3/14/10 I am now back at school and everyone may except my same usual artistic expertise with hopefully better photography/lighting, which I am going to begin experimenting with. Right now all I have are florescent lights and they are rather harsh and really harm the whites in the picture, which is what causes all of the nasty white auras you see in the pictures. While I don’t believe that this makes the pictures any less funny, but I do believe that it could look a lot better.

3/11/10 So close to going back to school and to continuing my funnies! Bear with me for just 3 more days! Then it will be Sunday and we will all be enjoying new content.

EDIT: Inspiration struck me and after going against one of my basic principles with these funnies (that the background should always consist of only LEGO, and not simply a backdrop from some other material), I decided that I could work with the TWO minifigures that I currently have. You will notice that I do have a host of heads though. My props consist of a ratchet, a camera, a bag, two briefcases, and about 22 heads to choose from. It’s a little awkward.

3/6/10 I changed the layout of the site to another style. I feel that this one not only looks better but has a better layout for all of the options that are available.

3/5/10 Not looking too good on the creation of new comics. I have jotted down multiple ideas, including several involving a certain someone’s cat in a box. To utilize my time though I have been going through and tagging all of my current comics as well as better organizing them. Hopefully this will make it easier to find them in the future.

3/3/10 Currently on Spring Break and away from all of my precious LEGO. Hopefully will have more funnies up soon.21

  1. March 7, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    Interesting new layout. On another note, I took 30 minutes yesterday to build a stupid little LEGO space station, complete with four ships to attend it. And one of those ships looks suspiciously as though it were from Battlestar Galactica.

  2. March 8, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Thanks, I prefer it over the old one. The buttons are in all the right places in my opinion. As for Battlestar Galactica I think that is a good thing.

  3. March 16, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Nice to see more pirates.

  4. March 30, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    500 in one day? I topped out at 23.

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